How do I get a stain out of my t-shirt?  Great question since we all have experienced a stain at one time or another.  There are various methods.  You can use dish detergent, or bleach for the unbleachables, or a laundry booster.  For more information on these methods, click here.

Another method to get old stains out is to mix hydrogen peroxide, borax and Dawn dishwashing soap into a paste.  Put on the spot, scrub well with a brush, then wash as usual.  This is great for getting even old stains out, although for tough ones you may have to repeat it.

For getting oil stains out, work heavy-duty liquid detergent or liquid dish detergent into the oil stain. Do not dilute the detergent. Alternatively, spray the stain with an aerosol type laundry pre-treatment spray.  For more details on this method, click here.